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Best bookmakers for sports betting

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Best bookmakers for sports betting

When making a bet, and especially when using a promotional bonus of some sort, like the Cozino coupon code for casino games, it is important to choose a bookie you can trust. What do we mean by this? Well, you have to make sure to follow some safety guidelines, like knowing whether the bookmaker in question is legitimate by doing a little bit of research online. Try Yelp, or a similar service that will let you know how users feel about the bookie. In order to save you some time, we’ve decided to compile a list of bookmakers we believe will be of use to you. Bear in mind that the bookies on this list are just our personal picks.


There are very few gamblers online that haven’t heard of bet365. It is a UK company with more than 20 million customers around the world. It offers a whole bunch of services, like playing poker, bingo and several casino games. They also have a license, issued by the Government of Gibraltar, to provide sports betting to their customers. The company also has offices down under.

What separates bet365 from other bookies is the amount and quality of bonuses that is, reportedly, well above the average in the industry. Though their website’s layout has some room for improvement, their coverage of sports and betting markets is splendid.


Here is another company from the British Isles that is no stranger to sports betting. Betfair has been operating since the turn of the millennium, and is among the biggest betting companies in the world. The company owns subsidies in the US, as well as Bulgaria and Italy.

The thing about Betfair is that they accept a plethora of deposit and withdrawal options, so you can use a bank transfer, PayPal, or Skrill to bet and get paid. It is also available in 17 languages, and, though they are not known for their bonuses, the safety and mobile betting make up for this. Another benefit you can reap with these guys is that you can receive your betting and transaction history, making it easier to keep track of your funds during a betting spree.


There is a huge selection of sports you can bet on, including boxing, cricket, baseball, but also some that are not what you would normally find in a sports section of a newspaper: chess and esports, especially Dota 2 and League of Legends. You can use their services freely if you speak English, German, Russian, Spanish, and, surprisingly enough, Georgian.

One of the good characteristics of the company is that their customer service is always up and about – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The minimum bet is just a dollar, so you can go nuts. However, if you want to deposit your money using Mastercard, that is fine as long as you don’t try to withdraw your winnings the same way. For that, you will have to use one of many other forms of payment, including Neteller and WebMoney.

First-time online gamer? Read this before your first game

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First-time online gamer? Read this before your first game

One of the joys of modern life is the many conveniences of the internet. With a simple tab on a smartphone, one can purchase goods, and it’ll be delivered right at their doorstep. Information, connecting with friends and entertainments are just a click away.

The gaming community is not left out in this trend with an increasing number of gamers opting to play online.

At the core of this shift to online gaming is the need to connect with other gamers around the world. Don’t lose sight of the fact that, playing against the computer can in the long term, get lonesome and boring. The advancement in internet broadband means there’s faster load time, decreased lagging, and general improvement in user experience.

Also, the enticing deals, promos offered to new gamers by online casinos, is another spoke in the wheel that’s driving the adoption of online gaming. Take, for instance, hardcore gamers on the lookout for how to get a legal US online casino promo code, would jump on these offerings once they see them.

All these factors, contribute in no small measure to the appeal online games have.

However, for gamers new to playing online, the experience could be quite shocking or at the least, unsettling. In this article, our goal is to provide information on what to expect as you make the switch.

So, if you’re ready, here we go…

First, keep in mind that playing online feels differently. It’s not about you it’s the new environment you’re playing in – most gamers new to playing online always say their first time felt weird. They could sense something is off, but can’t pinpoint what it is.

You’re likely going to feel the same too. Don’t fret when you experience it; it’s the internet. There’s a time lag between when a command is sent from your keypad to the server, and back again to you. The good news, however, is you‘ll get used to it with time.

So, don’t expect the same response rate, playing online as you would if it was an offline game.

Once you step into the world of online games for the first time; it’s worth remembering that you might feel performance anxiety. You know a kind of uncomfortable feeling that you’re being watched and that you’re actually playing against other humans.

That fact of the matter is, nobody cares about what bets you make. You’re never judged for how you play. So, get yourself together, relax and enjoy the experience.

Another thing that’s immediately evident to a first timer, especially when playing online casino, is how pretty fast paced it is. The implication of this is that there may not be enough time to settle in and work out a strategy before the first hand is served.

So, there you have it, keep these points in mind as you begin the journey to online gaming.