Casinos are known as places of opulence, everything about them screaming “money”: invested, won, lost. But some of them have been built with the sole purpose of dropping our jaws on the floor. Whether we are talking about light shows, insanely expensive architecture and furniture or other fascinating details, no man can ever enter one of these without feeling slightly humbled and overwhelmed.

Such casinos are real tourist attractions, massively contributing to the countries’ economic potential. After all, the most luxurious ones are worth traveling thousands of miles for. You will see why.

See our top 5 most luxurious casinos in the world together with some practical tips, if you decide to spend your next holiday visiting one or several of them:

#5 Sun City Casino, South Africa

One does not just stumble upon this magnificent resort, as it is a bit far from the classical touristic areas in South Africa. However, if gambling is one of your passions, you must see this palace at least once in your life.

The Sun City Casino is at a two-hour drive distance from Johannesburg, located near Rutenberg. But, trust us, it is totally worth the detour – not only due to its beautiful and impressive display but also because gambling is taken very seriously there, as seen from the significant cash spent there.

#4 The Venetian, Las Vegas

A true replica of the Venetian Piazza San Marco, this resort is by far one of the best in Las Vegas. And when we are saying this, we’re fully aware of the competition. First of all, the medieval architecture and the gondolas combined with the Vegas lights result in a magical atmosphere that throws this resort among the most romantic world destinations. If you’re considering a both fun and sexy honeymoon, then The Venetian should be a priority on your list.

Secondly, the casino is a top one: you can enjoy about 140 table games in lavish and friendly settings as they are stating. And while you’re at it, why not also taste a celebrity chef dinner or try some dance moves in the popular Tao nightclub?

#3 Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

Featured among the most famous casinos in the world and among the icons of Las Vegas (yes, Vegas again!), the Caesar resort brings together all the fun and excitement of gambling in an ancient Roman setting. Whether you are in for some heavy winnings or just want to live the experience, we need to compliment you for your exquisite taste!

Besides gambling or sports, you can also enjoy luxurious accommodation at about $150 per night, exciting nightlife possibilities or pampering spa sessions. Enjoy!

#2 Ritz Carlton, Puerto Rico

A posh, 8-acre long resort that makes you feel like royalty! Those passionate about gambling will be glad to know that this casino is one of the most luxurious, featuring 300 slot machines and the most popular table games, like roulette, blackjack, mini-baccarat.

If you are not necessarily in for the gambling part, you will inevitably be seduced by the magnificent view over the Atlantic Ocean or by the high-end restaurants in the area. Besides, anyone with some cash in their pocket can experience an unforgettable island experience with exclusive Puerto Rico hotel packages.

#1 Galaxy, Macau

If you’re looking for a first-class gambling experience, then this is the place to go. It is a real architectural jewel, glowing day and night to the bypassers’ delight. And we would have expected nothing less, as its building cost rose up to $2 billion.

Besides the extragalactic casino experience, you can also enjoy Asian cuisine at the restaurant boasting about no less than 17 Michelin awards and recognitions!

They also have all sorts of discounts for the early birds, so if you’re looking for luxury on a budget, better plan long ahead. Enjoy your stay!